How much does delivery cost and how long does it take?

Our standard Next Day delivery - Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm - is FREE of charge to most UK mainland addresses and is available for orders placed before 2pm. Delivery to outlying regions of the UK mainland, islands and to Europe will take longer.
If you would like a more specific delivery window, you can choose from a range of premium options at checkout:

  • Standard Next Day delivery between 9am and 7pm - FREE
  • Next Day weekday morning delivery between 7:30am and noon - £10
  • Next Day weekday morning delivery between 7:30am and 10:30am - £20
  • Saturday delivery between 7am and 1pm - £20
Please see our Delivery & Returns page for more details.
Do I need to be home for delivery?
Yes, someone will need to be at your delivery address to sign for the delivery.
What is your Drift mattress made of?
The Drift mattress is designed to give you the right balance of comfort, breathability and support, which is why we use natural fibres in the sleep surface and the latest in pocket spring technology as the core of the mattress.
The mattress has a viscose (natural fibre) sleep surface below which there is a layer of wool and cotton filling, stitched into the quilted sleeping surface. Inside are 3 layers of individually pocketed mini springs, with a total of almost 5000 springs in our super king size mattress. Our springs are made from high quality steel, which has what is called ‘shape memory’ – this is naturally springy and always returns to its original shape. This means that a Drift mattress will adapt to your body's unique shape, regardless of your sleeping position. At the base of the mattress is a layer of high density foam to provide support and long-term resilience to your Drift mattress.
How does your Drift mattress feel?
With many years' experience of making mattresses, we believe we know a thing or two about how to make a really comfortable mattress, offered in a single, universal tension., which we would describe as 'medium-firm'. The Drift mattress provides exactly the right amount of support for the majority of people, being not too firm and yet not too soft. We believe we have made a mattress that is responsive and supportive to individual body weight and shape, and that provides the cushioning feeling that you should get when you lie down. The inclusion of almost 5000 springs (in the super king size Drift mattress) gives ‘life’ to your mattress and avoids the dead or non-responsive feeling that you get from many foam-based mattresses. No one should claim that they have developed the perfect mattress (although many do), but we are confident that you will sleep well on your Drift mattress.
Can a Drift mattress help with back pain?
We haven’t conducted specific medical tests on the Drift mattress but with over 175 years experience of making pocket spring mattresses, we know that individually pocketed springs providing the right level of support and comfort help lower back tension and reduce back pain.
Why is the Drift mattress so affordable?
The Drift mattress is made in one of the world’s top mattress factories – we draw our own wire, coil our own springs, farm sheep for their wool, and then despatch the product directly from the workshop to you. Therefore, you are not paying for the stores, salespeople, warehouses and all the associated costs that come with buying a mattress from a traditional mattress retailer.
Why do you only sell one mattress?
With many years' experience of mattress making, we believe that we have constructed a very, very comfortable mattress… and that it will suit the vast majority of the population. If you don’t like it, our 100 Night Trial and free return option means we’ll come and collect the mattress and refund your money.
Where is the Drift mattress made?
The Drift mattress is made in Yorkshire... where the sheep live too.
Will my Drift mattress smell when I first open it?
Like many new things, your mattress may give off an odour when you first open it. We only use water-based adhesives in its manufacture so be assured, the odour will dissipate with airing and use. Please allow a month for the smell to dissipate.
Can I use an electric blanket on my Drift mattress?
Of course. No problem!
How is your Drift mattress different from normal pocket sprung mattresses?
A normal pocket sprung mattress is constructed of deep pocketed springs, with fillings laid on top. But – you can’t roll a mattress that has a deep spring. The Drift mattress is constructed with almost 5000 unique mini pocketed springs in the super king size, which can be rolled. This in turn means that we can deliver your mattress in a reusable bag.
How is your Drift mattress different from foam or memory foam mattresses?
There are two main differences. Firstly, layers of foam are not as responsive as layers of mini pocket springs. When you put pressure on a spring, it responds with opposing pressure, which provides support to your body’s individual profile and in particular to your hips and shoulders. Foam does not do this. Secondly, foam can make you overheat at night. The combination of the natural sleep surface, wool and cotton filling and almost 5000* pocket springs in the Drift mattress allows better regulation of your body’s temperature at night and allows air circulation whilst you sleep.
(* In the super king size Drift mattress)
What makes the Drift mattress so unique?
The Drift mattress is unique in a number of ways: it is the only roll packed mattress to have an all-natural sleep surface (the others use horrid Polyester), it is also one of the only roll pack mattresses to have natural fillings. These are important because wool is one of the best natural heat regulators… and since overheating is one of the main factors of having a bad night’s sleep, your Drift mattress is designed to keep you cool and relaxed. The Drift mattress also has almost 5000 individually pocketed springs in the super king size; that’s more than double the number of springs in any other mattress in the boxed mattress industry. It’s simple – the more springs, the more comfortable the mattress feels.
What’s the 100 Night trial and hassle-free returns policy?
It’s simple: try the mattress for 100 nights, and if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, just get in touch and we will arrange for your mattress to be collected and we will refund the full amount.
Do you offer mattress disposal services?
We do not directly offer or pay for your disposal services although we are affiliated with a disposal services company. At your request we will pass on your contact details so they call you to arrange a pick up time. The allotted pick-up time will be a 2-3 hour window to make the experience as easy as possible.
How does the 10 year guarantee work?
Our 10 year guarantee is provided free of charge. It covers poor stitching, the mattress altering shape due to poor assembly and construction during the manufacturing process, squeaky springs (or other spring noises) and broken zips. For full information and details of what the 10 year guarantee doesn’t cover, please see our 10 year guarantee page.
Do I need to turn my Drift mattress?
No, the Drift mattress only has one sleeping surface. We do recommend that you spin the mattress with the seasons to ensure that you make the very most of the product.
How can I clean my Drift mattress?
It’s a good idea to give your mattress a little freshen up every couple of months. To remove any dust or fluff, always use a soft brush rather than a vacuum, as this can disturb the fillings. Avoid any spillages to protect your mattress. Spot cleaning your Drift mattress cover is fine but the cover shouldn’t be removed for washing as it has not been designed for this.
How deep is the Drift mattress?
The Drift mattress is 25cm deep.
Does the Drift mattress work well on all bed bases?
Yes, the Drift mattress will happily sit (or rather, lie) on the most common types of bed base - solid board, sprung or box spring, slatted - and even works well just lying on the floor.
As a general rule of thumb, the more surface area that your mattress sits on, the better. If you choose to use a slatted bed frame, we recommend that the slats are no more than 3” or 7.5cm apart. If you are using an older box spring with only a few supporting slats, we recommend that you use a length of plywood to offer the support to the mattress.
How much does each mattress weigh?
Single 23kg
Small Double 30kg
Double 33kg
King Size 40kg
Super King Size 47kg
What’s the maximum weight of a person that the Drift mattress can take?
We do not recommend the Drift mattress if you weigh in excess of 18 stone (114kg), as we believe that a mattress with a firmer tension than Drift would be more appropriate above that weight.