Here are some helpful tips on how best to look after your Drift mattress.

1. No need to flip it
We’ve designed your mattress so you don’t need to go to the effort of flipping it. Phew. However, we do recommend spinning your mattress around (not over) once a month for the first 3 months to refresh the sleeping surface, and then twice a year after that.

2. Protecting your mattress
When it comes to protecting your mattress, we highly recommend using a mattress protector. Avoid a synthetic mattress protector though, as this could stop you enjoying the benefits of the natural materials in the mattress. Beds need to breathe.

3. Keeping it clean
It’s a good idea to give your mattress a little freshen up every couple of months. To remove any dust or fluff, always use a soft brush rather than a vacuum, as this can disturb the fillings. Avoid any spillages (whoops) to protect your mattress.