Here at Drift, we’ve created a mattress like nothing else on the market. We pride ourselves as experts of the little things – and it’s the little things that make a difference! 

We’ve all heard about or even invested in the current craze of ‘100% natural’, whether it’s the juice you drink in the morning, the fabric of your favourite sweater or the face wash you use before bed.

So why shouldn’t this be true for your mattress too? 

"We spend on average a third of our lives sleeping..."

We believe this third should be spent sleeping on our 100% natural sleep surface, which allows your body to breathe by allowing air to circulate and wicking moisture away to give you a brilliant, deep sleep. What’s more, we are the only mattress currently on the market that can boast a natural sleep surface as part of our unique mattress design.

We have also created the only current mattress that has a natural heat-regulating wool layer. Many mattresses use artificial foam at the top, but science and experience tells us this leads to overheating, consequently leading to under-sleeping. Our all-natural wool top layer keeps you at the perfect temperature all night, so you get the 40 winks you need.

Next up, springs. In a rollable mattress? You’d think it couldn’t be done, but at Drift, we’ve worked tirelessly to make something that defies all odds. For the ultimate comfort, we have developed a market-leading combination of over 4000 innovative pocket springs sat on top of a base of supportive foam – that’s over double the number of springs of the next leading mattress.

The Drift mattress maintains its competitive position in the mattress market by providing the product in its smallest rolled-up form for easy delivery, as well as 100 nights’ worth of free trial and a 10 year guarantee. But as you can see, with our natural sleep surface, natural heat-regulating wool layer and thousands of pocketed springs, we don’t settle for sameness. At Drift, we dare to be different, and it pays off with our mattress that’s perfectly primed to give you your best ever night’s sleep, time and time again.

Sleep well, live well.