Along with overheating (caused by the dreaded memory foam only mattresses!), we know that back pain is the biggest cause of bad sleep. To avoid it this holiday season and beyond, we asked our friendly back care expert, independent chiropractor Dr David Young, to give us his top 5 tips for sleeping well.

  1. A better quality mattress

Your mattress should be supportive rather than too firm.

When lying on your side, your spine should be parallel to the mattress. If it’s not too awkward, get someone to check this for you whilst lying on your side.

  1. Varied sleep positions

Vary your sleeping position. Lying in one position increases the strain and load on your spine so try to vary your position and move around. Lying on your side (maybe with a pillow between your knees) is better than lying on your front with your neck twisted to one side.

  1. Keeping cool

Being too hot can cause bad sleep so sleeping on an all-natural sleep surface followed by a cotton and wool layer really helps. Ditch the memory foam close to the skin, which adds to overheating.

  1. Drinking lots (of water, that is)

Drink plenty of water - particularly over the party season. Dehydration can increase muscle aches and even cramp. Sit up gradually and warm up slowly by doing gentle stretches.

  1. Saying goodbye to the old

Mattresses do wear out. If you’re visiting friends and family this festive season, it may be worth asking how old their guest room mattress is! If it isn’t too awkward that is… If the mattress is more than 10 years old, it’s probably worn out and you’re more likely to wake up with new aches and pains. Not the Christmas present you were hoping for. 

Follow the above expert top tips and you’re guaranteed a better sleep for the holidays and beyond. 

Sleep well, live well.