Sleep is supposed to be a serene, peaceful time for the body to rejuvenate from a long, hard day’s work. A night spent tossing and turning from stress and anxiety should be a wake-up call (whether it’s due to a dreaded work deadline or an uncomfortable bed robbing you of any decent shut-eye). So why not try beditating?

Beditating on your new Drift mattress is the key to a better sleep life.

At Drift, we know that every great day starts from getting a good night’s sleep, so it’s vital to make sure that we’re doing it properly. A good night’s sleep stems from being truly relaxed and not sleeping on the stresses of working life. A few minutes of morning mindfulness is the key to a calmer, more relaxed state of mind, allowing your body to restore and relax.

With beditating, there are no breathing techniques or yoga stretches involved. It’s as easy as spending a few extra minutes in bed. Whether you’re reflecting on your thoughts or in a simple state of relaxation, giving yourself a few minutes of down-time leads to heaps of health benefits that will improve your sleep quality. 

And if you’re in need of background noise to slow down your thoughts, try drifting off to the sweet sounds of nature. Calming sounds help to block out any noises your brain would consider a threat. So next time you’re setting your alarm, try setting it for ten minutes earlier; take that time doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. Your brain will thank you for it once your day unfolds. 

Sleep well, live well.