We’ve all tried counting sheep, but what really makes a good night’s sleep?

1. On average, women all over the world sleep 30 minutes longer than men, according to the University of Michigan’s study on worldwide sleep patterns. Zzz…

2. The same study revealed that people who spend the most time in natural sunlight tend to go to bed earlier. We recommend taking your lunchbreak into your own hands and getting out of the office!

3. According to data from the SleepCycle app, in terms of national average sleep quality, Britain ranked a measly 45th (whilst Slovakia topped the list). Come on Great Britain, let’s try harder at bedtime.

4. Sleeping more can even benefit that diet you started for the New Year (and the year before that, and the year before that…). Researchers at the University of Chicago found that although dieters who were well-rested and dieters who were sleep deprived lost a similar amount of weight, the ones who had slept better were losing more fat (56% of their weight loss) whereas the others were losing muscle mass. Dieters in the study also felt hungrier when they got less sleep. Avoid being hangry and get some shut-eye pronto.

5. It has been proven that if you get enough sleep, the health of your immune system, your bones and digestive system is all in better shape than if you don’t sleep enough. Something to remember next time you’re thinking of that all-nighter Mad Men marathon…

6. Sleep loss makes it more difficult to regulate your emotions – cue grumpiness in the morning after a big night out!

7. Jessica Alexander, from The Sleep Council, recommends a warm bath (not too hot) to prepare your body for sleep – it helps your body to reach a temperature that’s ideal for rest.

8. Sleeping well actually contributes to better memory.

Studies have shown that while we sleep, our brains process and consolidate our memories from the day. So make sure you get your 7-9 hours and you might actually remember where you left your keys the next morning.

9. Tired of being tired? There is a simple but very effective method for those who have trouble getting to sleep in the first place. The 4-7-8 technique, invented by holistic health doctor, Andrew Weil, controls your breathing, delivering more oxygen than usual to the brain which calms it, as well as distracting the mind from daily worries. It involves breathing in for 4 counts through your nose, holding your breath for 7, then breathing out for 8 counts… then repeating the process 3 times. It’s worth a try, we reckon.

10. Research has proved that a comfortable bed is essential for a good night’s kip, suggesting that a good quality mattress will give you a whole extra hour’s sleep. That sounds like a good enough reason to us…

11. The fact is, your bed and your body will naturally change over time, so if your mattress is getting on a bit, it may be time for a new one. Enter the Drift mattress, with our 100% natural sleep surface and thousands of pocketed springs to support you every nighttime. 

Sleep well, live well.