At the end of last year, blogger Rebecca from Roses & Rolltops fame, talked all things sleep with us whilst also revealing plans for her new bedroom. Rebecca is based in Hertfordshire but splits her time between the rolling countryside there and bustling London.

“I don’t know about you but sleep is my biggest health hack.” 

We all know you can feel run-down and cranky if you don’t get enough sleep or fresh, energised and ready to tackle anything when you do! Rebecca recognises her luck as she gets a dreamy 9-10 hours sleep a night.

Head over to her blog to hear her tips to help you sleep, from being active during the daytime, to getting lots of fresh air. Eating as healthily and as whole as you can plus trying to have an early dinner is also something Rebecca swears by. Avoiding coffee and enjoying a hot bath also make her list, as well as having a tech detox right before lights out.

Don’t miss her bedroom’s new look either. Keeping it as calm and neutral as possible, Rebecca adds: “I also try and keep as clutter and mess free in here as it makes me feel like it’s a good sleeping environment at the end of a busy day.”

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We hope you enjoy your new Drift mattress now home renovations are complete, Rebecca!

Sleep well, live well.