We’ve been chatting to fashion and lifestyle blogger and marketing pro Monique from Glitter and Grimes. Check out her blog for tips on how to get a better night’s sleep as well as to read her glowing Drift mattress review!

“I can’t quite express to you guys how much my new mattress has changed my life… for the better.”

Monique moved house a few months ago and decided to give our affordable, luxury pocket spring mattress a try! She had always known mattresses were worth spending money on but hadn’t thought of them as the ultimate investment piece… until now!

Monique wasn’t sure that a mattress that “gave great support to my back but was also super comfy and soft” existed – but then she tried Drift. She was also a big fan of our 4,000+ springs for ultimate comfort and the fact it comes in a bag. Once rolled onto your bed, you are good to go.

You can read her blog post in full for the run down of why Monique is loving Drift, from the 100-night sleep trial to our 10 year guarantee.

“This mattress has completely changed the game for me.”

Now Monique wants to spend her life in bed because Drift is unbelievably comfy and has helped her back and posture so much.

The only disadvantage? Getting up in the mornings is so much harder! “My bed is now the perfect haven where I never wish to leave.” After 3 months testing our mattress, Monique states that it’s honestly the best thing she owns in her home! Check out her post for useful tips on how to get a better night’s sleep.

We hope you continue your night-time love affair with Drift, Monique!

Sleep well, live well.