There are hundreds of mattresses out there claiming to be the perfect one for you. Here at Drift, we know only too well the minefield the mattress industry can be.

The Drift mattress is unique in a number of ways: it is the only roll packed mattress to boast an all-natural sleep surface (as the others use cheap and nasty Polyester). It is also one of the only roll pack mattresses to have natural fillings. This is important because wool is one of the best natural heat regulators… and since overheating is one of the main factors of having a bad night’s sleep, your Drift mattress is designed to keep you cool and relaxed throughout the night.

Here at Drift, we’re all about innovation, which is why we haven’t just included a supportive foam base layer, but added the natural heat-regulating wool layer and the natural sleep surface on top. This ensures your body is not only getting the support it needs for an ache-free night, but you are also kept at optimum temperature for maximum comfort.

After trying the Drift mattress, sleeping directly on latex or foam (artificial insulators that lead to overheating) will seem like a bad dream.

Using natural fabrics for the sleep surface means that air can circulate more easily and moisture can be wicked away to give you a deep, brilliant sleep. After you nod off easily that first night, you can understand why we’re confident enough to offer a 10-year guarantee!

We are also proud to be able to say that the Drift mattress has 100% more springs than any other mattress in the boxed mattress industry, featuring over 4000 individually pocketed springs in a Double mattress (and a huge 4091 in the Super King size). It’s simple: the more springs, the more comfortable the mattress feels. So if you’re after that dreamy night’s sleep, we think that our market-leading formula might be the answer…

We’ve created a highly unique and very special product, and we are so confident that you will find it as brilliant as we do, that we have also thrown in a 100-night trial period. Sleep tight and fall in love with it as deeply as we have, safe in the knowledge that you can return it if it’s not for you.

Sleep well, live well.