From 'clean sleeping' to meditating and mindfulness, snoozing is no longer losing. We spend one third of our lives sleeping, so it’s only natural that we want the very best of the best Zzz’s. Exploring what goes into our mattress that we sleep on every single night is a good place to start.

Most mattresses are made of synthetic materials, which cause overheating and basically all the bad Zzz’s. Sleeping on natural fibres (rather than synthetic foam or cheap polyester) is better for you.

With over 25 years of mattress making experience, we’ve created a dreamy blend of over 4,000 pocketed springs, topped off with wool and cotton for the most restorative slumber. Our supportive foam is kept at the very base of the mattress for support but to keep it away from sensitive skin.

Among the rolling hills of Yorkshire, live our lovely sheep, and it is their high quality wool that makes our Drift mattress unique.

This locally sourced British wool is combined with temperature-regulating cotton, then topped with plant-based viscose, to give you the most perfect sleep surface. Say hello to more REM sleep!

Wool does wonders for your Zzz’s. With its natural properties, wool is a brilliantly versatile fibre to sleep on. Not only is it naturally breathable, it also absorbs heat and wicks away moisture. Moisture is then released back into the air meaning there’s no breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. A clean mattress for a cleaner sleep… it’s time to say goodbye to tossing and turning for good!

Drift also incorporates more micro-pocket springs than any other mattress on the market. Unlike sagging foam, micro-pocketed springs are responsive and help to evenly distribute your weight. The more springs you sleep on, the better your night’s sleep. It’s that simple.

Spring clean your sleep with Drift!

Sleep well, live well.