Third to our Big Breakfast style interview is Lily Simpson from The Detox Kitchen.

Lily founded The Detox Kitchen, believing all food should be tempting and pleasurable to eat. First, she aims to please the taste buds, and then she lets the ingredients work their magic on your health and wellbeing.

Using plant-based whole foods (and leaving out wheat, dairy and refined sugar), The Detox Kitchen deli meals and Meal Plan packages aim to make you feel amazing from the inside out.

So let’s get chatting about sleep!

What’s new, Lily? 

We're launching our Autumn/Winter menus for our delivery service and delis, so lots of recipe development is happening in our kitchens, which is always a fun part of the job. We are also refurbishing our Soho deli, so lots of planning is happening for that too. Plus we're rebranding, designing a new website, opening a new store in January and I'm having a baby in October. It's all go in the Detox Kitchen household! 

How important is sleep to your personal daily life? 

Really, really, really, bloody important.

Without sleep I would be insufferable!

I need 8 hours for my brain to function properly.

Talk us through your typical weekly sleep routine. What time do you go to bed and wake up?

I have a two-year-old son so I tend to be in bed by 10.30pm so that I'm up at 6.30am with him. I'm not much of a lie in kind of a person, much more of a get-in-bed-as-soon-as-possible and watch a movie kind! 

Describe your sleep environment. 

I like a medium pillow and a light duvet. We have a log fire in our bedroom so we tend to light it in the winter months and it creates a very snug environment! The mattress needs to be perfect too – it’s important to invest in the right one for you. 

Do you have a typical sleep position? 

At the moment it's on my side as I'm 8 months pregnant but usually I'm face down in the pillow! 

Do you follow any rituals to help you sleep better? 

I have a bath every night; that always makes me feel relaxed before bed! 

As a healthy food and lifestyle expert, can you explain why sleep is so important to all of us? 

Sleep is when all our thoughts are processed from the day and when our bodies can rest and recover from the day's activities. It's so important for brain function, energy levels, mental health and general wellbeing. We all know what it feels like after we've had a good night’s sleep. Plus, when you feel well rested, you feel more focused and clear headed. I certainly do! 

Do you have any good tips to help people rest and sleep better… such as meditation, tea, reading? 

I try to switch off my phone at least an hour before I go to sleep. I drink lots of chamomile tea, which is soothing and can help aid sleep. A bath with essential oils is a good way to relax. I love a good book, a real book, not a digital version – it definitely helps me drift off quickly. 

Have you read any good bedtime books lately? 

I'm actually reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland at the moment. It's so interesting reading it again, very thought provoking. I've also recently read The Girls by Emma Cline and it was brilliant. 

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us, Lily! 

Sleep well, live well.