The Drift mattress is born and bred in Britain, and is completely handmade, so that you know your product has been carefully crafted and watched over in every stage of its development. Rather than just one of thousands of mattresses to come out of a factory, you are getting something special, a mattress produced individually rather than in bulk, and given the care and attention it needs.

We make your mattress out of only the finest natural materials, such as the natural sleep surface layer, which is 100% viscose. Below this, a specially crafted layer made from British wool mixed with cotton allows your body to breathe when you sleep. Overheating at night leads to sleeping poorly so it was important to us at Drift to make sure that, unlike the rest of the bed-in-the-box industry, we use a 100% natural viscose surface. Say goodbye to cheap Polyester! Our sleep surface is developed out of soft fibres from a plant-based material called cellulose, and is very similar to cotton and silk. It is breathable, highly absorbent and does not trap body heat. Instead of sleeping directly on latex or foam, which are both artificial insulators and can make you overheat, we’ve created a sleep surface designed to maximise comfort and allow you the wonderful night’s sleep that you deserve.

Although foam and memory foam are not ideal to sleep against as they are not breathable fabrics, our research and design proved high-density foam is the ideal material to place at the base of a mattress to give it a supportive layer. Above this lies over 4000 individually pocketed springs, a market-leading innovation that combines two support spring layers and one comfort spring layer.

Our rigorous testing of the springs gives us the confidence to offer you a 10-year guarantee, as we are certain that they will hold their bounce.

Our Drift mattress has more pocketed springs than any other roll-able mattress, and they contour perfectly to your body, supporting it for a blissful night’s sleep.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the wool and cotton layer over the springs (which we create in our workshop) is made of natural fibre that’s moisture-wicking, mildew and mould resistant, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and keeps you cool. Wool is also fire resistant.

So there is your incredible Drift mattress from the inside out, which is delivered to you rolled up in a durable bag – from the farm to your doorstop. You don’t even have to get the neighbours over to help get it up the stairs… but we recommend inviting them over just to show it off, though.