We recently collaborated with the lovely Holly White of The Simple Things blog and she shared a special post about us.

Holly definitely got a good night’s sleep on her new Drift mattress (a clear improvement from her old one that felt like it was made of paper)! In Holly’s words, we’re “absolutely bloomin’ amazing”! It’s thanks to our 4000+ innovative pocket springs that give you the most comfortable night’s sleep. What’s more, we use temperature-regulating wool (no more overheating at night). With free next day delivery and 100 days to test the mattress and ensure it’s exactly right for you, there are so many reasons to persuade you to give it a try. 

Take it from Holly – your mattress will come perfectly packaged in a fabric duffle bag sack, rolled up, completely compact. Make your life easier when it comes to manoeuvring through the front door! 

Holly said she could tell immediately how amazing the quality of the mattress was just by looking at it – thanks Holly! We’re all about the details with our logo and mantra ‘Sleep Well’ hand-stitched onto the sides of the mattress. The mattress is also incredibly soft to sit and lay on thanks to the natural sleep surface. 

I felt so, so happy when I made my bed and sat on the mattress for the first time. 

Holly went on to say, “It literally felt like heaven to sit down on this new mattress. My back feels so much more supported now and considering the fact that I sit on my bed to do all of my blogging and emails, that is a really huge positive!” So it’s a thumbs up from Holly!

To read the full review on her blog, click here.

Sleep well, live well.