From a lack of time to the real struggles of becoming a morning person, many of us are pretty rubbish at getting a wonderful good night’s sleep.

We caught up with the lovely Hollie, of The Yesmum and Hypnobirthing fame, who shared some handy tips for getting those all-important Zzz’s. 

A highlight was to get outdoors more often for that vital fresh air, something many of us find difficult. 

“Try and incorporate some vitamin D and fresh air into your day by either going for a walk on your lunch break (never, ever eat at your computer!) or get on/off the bus a stop early on your commute.” It’s the little things (that shouldn’t be too time consuming during your day) that make a big difference.

Write a list of everything on your mind before you get to bed.

This should help stop you waking up worrying in the early hours and instead allows a pre-sleep brain dump so you can unwind in time to nod off peacefully.

Hollie goes on to reveal her thoughts on our Drift mattress: “The Drift Sleep mattress, with its temperature-regulating wool top layer has been an absolute game changer for me.” We knew you wouldn’t be disappointed!

“Since sleeping on a more medium-firm mattress, my upper back has been much more free of tension.” So for those of you wondering how you can improve your sleep quality, incorporating some good habits into your working day can help, and so can curling up in the comfort of a Drift mattress.

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Happy sleeping!