We all know how hard it is to fully switch off in today’s world of online series, social media and smartphones but relaxing should not be forgotten.

We recently collaborated with life, style and travel influencer @hayleighjm to talk relaxation and, of course, our mattress!

Hayleigh advises her followers to invest in the environment they’re in. Whether you’re trying to work or aiming to relax, the space you’re spending time in is super important. When winding down, she also loves that British classic – a cup of tea.

“For me, there is nothing better than being comfortable with a cup of tea to really start to relax.”

Reading is a true way for Hayleigh to switch off too; find out what her favourite books are in her blog post.

It sounds like Hayleigh is a big fan of her new Drift mattress, as well as our cute little sheep toy that comes with the order. “I have to say it’s a whole different feel when I go to sleep now.” In fact, she says thanks to our 4,000+ micro-pocket springs and the all-natural sleep surface, sleeping now feels absolutely effortless.

“It’s crazy really how much of a difference something as simple as the mattress you sleep on can effect your relaxation levels, but for me it really has,” explains Hayleigh.

So if you’re craving more relaxation, maybe it’s time for a new Drift mattress.

Happy sleeping, Hayleigh!

Sleep well, live well.