We’ve come to understand that getting extra shut-eye is the answer to all our problems. More sleep gives us better concentration, more energy, and overall better health. However, a good night’s sleep can feel unattainable at the best of times, especially for parents.

Harriet from Toby & Roo discusses motherhood and how post-baby life isn’t always the easiest. Paired with chronic sleep loss, many of us find ourselves struggling more than ever to find the time to catch some Zzz’s.

Harriet is honest and relatable in her blog post in collaboration with Drift, going on to reveal that parenting “is never really what you expect or what you thought it would be when you were a sour teen judging your own parents.”

From extended breastfeeding to separation anxiety, tackling these issues is something Harriet has faced since the birth of Edith.

Sleep issues are just a small snippet of how unpredictable motherhood can be. 

Read the full blog post where Harriet highlights how becoming a parent changes all aspects of your life, including sleep. Having a top quality Drift mattress is a small investment that makes a huge difference.

And for those with babies on the way, we wish you all the luck and recuperative Zzz’s in the world!

Sleep well, live well.