Christmas is almost upon us and with that comes joy, celebration, family time… and sleep problems. We know that poor sleep is one of the biggest killjoys at Christmas so we decided to prove it with some research.*

The results were more than a little alarming! Apparently just over a half (56%) of us say we have problems sleeping whilst away from home. So with over a third of us planning to go and stay with family or friends this Christmas, that’s a lot of sleep deprived people sitting down for the Queen’s speech.

The top ten reasons for not being able to fall asleep at Christmas are:

  1. Uncomfortable mattress (63%)
  2. Other people snoring or making a noise (60%)
  3. Unfamiliar noises from the house (48%)
  4. Too much food and alcohol (46%)
  5. Needing to go to the toilet (37%)
  6. Annoying family arguments (17%)
  7. Worry about snoring and waking people up (17%)
  8. Kids who can’t sleep in other people’s houses (14%)
  9. Can’t stop thinking about work (13%)
  10. Thinking of family in other places (12%)

And that’s not all – nearly a third (32%) said that they suffer from a bad back after sleeping on uncomfortable mattresses and 14% said they get grumpy due to lack of sleep. The lack of sleep experienced over the festive period could further fuel the most common arguments over Christmas with old family quarrels being the main bone of contention with nearly a third (29%) of households not being able to put the past behind them.

Top five arguments at Christmas are:

  1. Old family arguments (29%)
  2. Too many people in the house (16%)
  3. Lack of sleep causing grumpiness (14%)
  4. Lazy family members (14%)
  5. Out-spoken parents / in-laws (13%)

It’s no wonder that nearly a half of the nation (47%) would take their own bed with them, if they could.

Adam Black, our co-founder said; “It’s incredible to see how many people dread going away at Christmas, in fear of a bad night’s sleep. Alarm bells ring when the majority of the nation say that uncomfortable mattresses are the main cause of sleep problems – not only does this bring tiredness, but other issues too such as back problems and stiff necks.” 

Hosting Christmas at yours?

The top ten ways you can help your guests have a good night’s sleep:

  1. The right mattress (63%)
  2. Comfy pillow (60%)
  3. Fresh, clean sheets (45%)
  4. The room in complete darkness (26%)
  5. Having their partner next to them (18%)
  6. Have a good day (14%)
  7. A good book on their bedside table (10%)
  8. Good sex (probably not something you can help with!) (8%)
  9. Not having the kids come in (5%)
  10. Taking sleeping tablets of some variety (3%)

*Survey undertaken by Atomik Research on behalf of Drift Sleep. Survey sample 1,010.