We were super excited to collaborate with ultimate style blogger, Emma from EJ Style. Read on to learn more about her top tips for a better night’s sleep. It’s time to say goodbye to those bags under your eyes!

As we approach deepest, darkest winter, we find ourselves turning the heating up during the evenings or getting cosy by the fire.

Overheating, though, can actually spoil your sleep.

“Now that it's heating-on season again, I'm getting myself in the routine of turning down that thermostat before bedtime” explains Emma.

She admits, “a solid 8 hours of sleep has been one of my beauty secrets for as long as I can remember.” Whether you’ve been on an all-night Netflix binge or just had an extra crazy work period, a solid 8 hours is vital for a restorative and refreshing sleep.

Emma says, “after my first night sleeping on this Drift mattress, I soon realised the benefits!” She’s put us to the test and we’ve not disappointed! “I woke up after a completely uninterrupted sleep.” That’s the kind of slumber we all crave.

Drift has also helped Emma with some ongoing pains she’d been having: “my backache, which I put down to now being in my 30's has disappeared. Turns out it's not a 30's thing after all, it's a mattress thing!” The more supportive your mattress, the better you’ll feel. That’s why we use a base of supportive foam and over 4000 individually pocketed mirco-springs for that glorious comfort. 

To see what else Emma recommends before bed, read her blog in full here.

Sleep well, live well.