It was great to collaborate with Cara from the parenting, lifestyle and interiors blog, Within These Walls. Cara shared a new blog post titled “Sleep And Me” – well worth a read!

Sleep is the most important thing in my life

Cara tries her utmost to prioritise sleep and her mother told her that it’s always been that way. After Cara had finished school, there was usually only a maximum of two hours to get her fed, bathed and all the homework done… before bed called. “To be honest not a lot has changed for me now,” admits Cara. 

Cara’s children are very similar to her, going to bed around 6.30pm and waking at 6.30am. A snoozy bunch indeed!

Cara noted that, since starting night shifts, her health suffered a huge decline. Once she’d spotted the connection, she had to focus on upping her nap game. It was time for the Drift mattress to help!

Cara confirms the Drift mattress allows your body to breathe, which helps us get better rest whilst we sleep. As Cara has been recently focusing on wellness, knowing this has made her feel better about what she’s sleeping on. It’s definitely important when we spend a third of our lives asleep. Cara believes certain items are worth investing in and that it makes sense our mattresses should be one of them.

Check out the cute pic of her dog with the Drift mattress as it arrived on her doorstep in its lovely bag.

Cara has been waking up with so much more energy – even when Sonny snuck in to join her! “I guess we just didn’t realise our old mattress wasn’t right for us until the new one came along!”

Sonny loved our sheep toy that we pop in as an extra treat with your mattress. “It’s these little touches that win you over as a customer.” Lucky Sonny will be receiving his own Drift mattress soon because the better he sleeps, the better Cara sleeps. 

Read Cara’s blog for the full Drift review plus some handy sleep tips and tricks to keep your health in check.

Sleep well, live well.