We recently collaborated with Atosa, the founder of My Bubba and Me, for an insight into her daily sleep routine.

There's no beauty sleep like a good night’s sleep

Often we find ourselves so completely absorbed in the chaos of everyday life, that we don’t find the time to create the perfect sleep space. Having a relaxing environment to rest your head can make all the difference, explains Atosa.

Simply “investing in a good mattress and pillows” that provide comfort and support is Atosa’s number one way to achieving the best night’s sleep. “Candles and diffusers are also great for setting a relaxing scene,” she writes. Something many of us neglect!

We spend a third of our lives sleeping so it’s vital that we do it properly.

“We all go 100 miles per hour before bed.” Atosa admits, like everyone, she’s been guilty of this on multiple occasions. What’s more, worrying about tomorrow’s to-do list is never going to help you sleep.

So make like Atosa and take an hour before bed to wind down and clear your head. This will help prepare you for a natural sleep. You should also cut out staring at your phone screen, and unwind to some light reading, whether it’s a novel or a magazine. Over on her blog, Atosa even recommends a feel-good facemask to help you relax.    

So when you’re next enjoying a little downtime before bed, be sure to read Atosa’s blog post here in full for tips on how to sleep well.

Night night!