Happy 2017 from Drift. Our New Year’s Resolution? To bring dreamlike quality sleep to more of you lot, of course.

If you’re in need of more sleep tips to get adequate Zzz's, then read on because mum of two, Anna from Blossoming Birds, talked sleep with us. Read on for a few of her top tips... 

“I have come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to ensure that even if you only manage a few hours sleep, make sure those few hours are good quality.” We couldn’t agree more. The perfect remedy for sleepiness is sleep, of course. A deep, restful sleep leads to better health and better days.

Anna ditched her old mattress for the lovely Drift mattress and reveals how it made her: “realise how uncomfortable our old one was.” We knew you’d love it, Anna!

Anna also explains how turning your bedroom into a serene sanctuary definitely helps to unwind. Her way of relaxing is by “having a tidy, clutter free bedroom” and she’ll even tidy a few things away before jumping into bed (even if the rest of the house is a mess)! A clutter-free space helps to clear the mind as anything stressful keeps your brain activated, making it harder to sleep.

Relaxation is easier with “anything that makes you feel warm and comfortable and what better place than the bedroom”?

Having that all-important me-time is vital to a good night’s slumber. 

Head over to the Blossoming Birds blog for more sleep talk.

Sleep well, live well.