So you’ve read the reviews and you’ve seen all the blogs but maybe you still need some convincing before you invest in the mattress you’ve been dreaming about?

Take a look at these ten reasons why Drift will improve your sleep and, in turn, your life.

  1. Happy skin

With Drift, you’ll sleep against an all-natural viscose sleep surface.

The material is created of soft fibres from a plant-based material called cellulose. Very similar to cotton and silk, it is breathable, highly absorbent and, most importantly, does not trap body heat. This is followed by a wool and cotton layer, which are both natural fibres that are moisture wicking, mildew and mould resistant, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and they keep you cool. Wool is also fire resistant.

As well as being better for your skin and the quality of sleep you’ll get, the materials come from a family farm in the English countryside. The wool is sourced from our very own sheep in Yorkshire, where they roam in hundreds of fertile acres along a secluded riverfront, ancient forest and protected hedgerow. Our sheep are hand-selected Leicester and Swaledale sheep, known for their thicker, more resilient wool.

  1. Comfortable temperature

You’ll find your temperature is perfectly regulated with a Drift mattress, due to an enhanced airflow from the 4000 pocket springs we build into the design. It’s definitely advisable to opt for a hybrid mattress as memory foam only options cause overheating that leads to under sleeping. Foam is an insulator, which is why we wrap our pipes with it to prevent them from freezing up in cold weather. That’s why the Drift mattress only uses high-density foam at the very base of the mattress (for support), keeping it well clear of the sleep surface.

  1. Less stiffness

We pride ourselves in innovatively adding over 4000 pocket springs in a King Size mattress. These individually pocketed micro-springs contour perfectly to your body and give the support you need for a deep-sleepingly brilliant night’s sleep. More springs means more points of support for unbelievable comfort. What’s more, you’ll notice you feel less stiff every morning thanks to Drift. The micro-coils deliver precision joint support right where you need it, whilst ‘pillowy’ layers of wool and cotton offer ‘just right’ cosiness.

It’s also true that a Drift mattress is fully responsive to the sleeper’s body (unlike memory foam mattresses whereby you tend to ‘sink’ into the mattress).

  1. Money in the bank

Sleep tight knowing that you’ve only spent £699 on a £1250 pocket spring mattress. Keeping Drift off the high street, we keep costs down direct from farm, to workshop, to your doorstep.

The lifespan of a mattress is determined by the quality of its materials and construction. On average, a mattress lasts anywhere from six to eight years. With Drift, we have carried out rounds of rigorous testing, which means the mattress has been designed to remain amazingly comfortable for at least 10 years, so you can rest even easier at night. In fact, testing of the Drift mattress takes 17 hours on the rollator – 30,000 cycles! Our tests are conducted over a week with the required rest time between ILD measurements (hardness); a strip down to check there are no issues inside the mattress follows this. The resilience of the components within Drift play a significant role in its longevity. Our micro-coil technology has proven to be superior to foam in durability over time.

  1. Wellbeing

You’ll be surprised by how quickly you’re sleeping better thanks to Drift. And when you feel well rested, it’s not only yourself but the people around you that notice something is different, and positive. From the way you greet colleagues each morning, to the workout you have planned on the way home, you’ll feel happier and more energetic. Overall, with more sleep, your productivity increases no end. You’ll be brimming with more energy at work and at home when it comes to your social life, every single day. Happy nights lead to happy days! 

Sleep well, live well.